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Platform feautures adapted to your needs

Candidate Journey

Build an optimal hiring & onboarding experience for each candidate.

  • Sourcing on relevant platforms
  • Content Campaign
  • Attract Candidates
  • Video & tools Screening
  • Select Candidates

Company Page Customization

We use design process to help you build exlusively your company page and content campaigns.

  • Target Group Communication
  • Automated Job Description Writer
  • Community Building
  • Referrals, Reviews & NPS
  • Company Page Design

Tech Quality

We use custom technology, automations and robotics adapted to your needs. Through our platform we build everything around your target audience.

  • Audience Research
  • Display Ads
  • Automated Messaging
  • Outreach Attraction

Hiring Process Audit

We will help you identify and evaluate your current hiring process, strategy and onboarding by auditing your current hiring state.

  • Vacancy Evaluation
  • Resume Reviews
  • Deeper Insights
  • Candidates' Profile
  • Validation

Client Testimonials

''We were introduced to Raas.hr. The team was extremely helpful and pro-active. We already had contact with several recruitment agencies for some months without success. Stephan introduced us to two candidates, both were a very good match. We know they always deliver.''
Mark Voortman – HR & Business partner at AWL techniek
''As a senior in this field I have experience with a lot of recruitment agencies. There is always one that always delivers. Great people, the right skills in a very short time. Somehow they always know how to find them. They just always deliver.''
Riccardo Kovacic – Digital Transformation at Moba
''When you grow fast you need trust in your recruitment partner. In our field we are looking for the best of the best and also exotic. CFD in combination with Mechanical engineering is hard to find. Somehow they always know how to find the right candidate. They also introduced us to our head of physics and data science. They introduced me to Eline and Stephan just said, trust me. On resume there is no match, but she has the skills. Eline also never expected to be proposed to Cool gradient, she wasn’t even looking for the job. He convinced her to meet me.. That meeting happened, the click was spot on, also the skills and the right experience, attitiude and culture. Love to work with this team.''
Jasper – Co-founder at Coolgradient
''In our pursuit of qualified candidates for the position, we initially identified some potential candidates. However, Raas.hr demonstrated an exceptional level of proactiveness and initiative by independently discovering and presenting three candidates to us who not only met but exceeded our expectations. What truly set this tool apart was its remarkable ability to understand our requirements seamlessly without the need for extensive briefings or clarifications. Their keen understanding of the job specifications ensured that we did not have to invest unnecessary time in follow-up calls or explanations, streamlining the entire recruitment process. Based on this experience, we wholeheartedly recommend Raas.hr for their exceptional talent acquisition abilities and top-tier customer service. We are confident that their contributions will prove invaluable to any team or organization seeking fast results with top-notch candidates.''
Gabriela - Chief Talent Officer at Jobin.cloud
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Tech & human touch combo!

  • An award-winning RPA tool

    Helping HR & recruiting teams to continuously engage with active and passive candidates, and at a fraction of the time and cost of manual profile searching

  • An always online virtual recruiter

    Talking to your candidates 24/7 – screening, shortlisting and setting up interviews – while you can focus on other tasks


No hidden charges!
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Post Your Vacancy

  • Receive Applicants
  • Free Matching + Rating
  • Use of ATS
  • 10 Use Hiring Process
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RaaS Plan

1.500 / Monthly

The best Candidates and Talent Acquisition managers to optimize and manage your process. Reduce your costs-per-hire by 60% with this plan + Everything in ''Basic''.

  • Commission Success fee 10% Year salary
  • Dedicated Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Dedicated Global Sourcing Team
  • RPO Recruitment Process Optimization
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Premium Plan

Custom / Client

Full RPA + RPO + Everything in ''Premium'' + Tools unlimited hiring (max. 5 hires per Month)

  • Premium Plan
  • RPO + RPA
  • Talent Acquisition manager + Team
  • All Tools ex. Paid ads budget
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  • Hiring process audit
  • Dedicated TA Manager
  • Dedicated Sourcing team

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    F.A.Qs from our social community

    Active candidates in our community

    RaaS stands for Recruitment as a Service, a comprehensive solution aimed at assisting organizations in their recruitment processes. We specialize in streamlining recruitment operations to reduce costs per hire while enhancing the quality of candidates.

    RaaS is a recruitment tool created by Candidate-1st, a recruitment agency with long experience in the field, based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

    RaaS employs advanced technologies and methodologies to optimize the recruitment process, including applicant tracking systems, AI-driven candidate screening, and targeted sourcing strategies. By leveraging these tools, we minimize the time and resources required for recruitment, ultimately reducing the cost per hire for our clients.

    Unlike traditional recruitment agencies that charge hefty placement fees or retainers, RaaS helps you reduce your costs per hire by 60%. Our tool helps organisations to continuously engage with active as well as passive candidates, and at a fraction of the time and cost of manual CV/profile searching. Imagine an ‘always online’ virtual recruiter talking to candidates 24/7 – screening, shortlisting and setting up interviews – when you can focus on other tasks.

    RaaS.hr utilizes a combination of advanced AI algorithms and human expertise to identify and engage top talent. We call it ‘’Tech & Touch’’. Our rigorous screening processes, tailored assessments, and personalized candidate matching ensure that only the most qualified candidates are presented to our clients.

    Yes, RaaS caters to organizations of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations. Our scalable solutions can be adapted to meet the recruitment needs of businesses operating in various industries and sectors.

    RaaS has experience filling a wide range of positions across various industries, including but not limited to technology, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. Whether you're looking to hire entry-level employees or executive leadership, we have the expertise to assist you.

    Getting started with RaaS is simple! Interested organizations can reach out to our team through our website or contact us directly to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, we'll discuss your specific recruitment needs and tailor a solution that aligns with your objectives.

    At RaaS, our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the recruitment process. We offer ongoing support to both organizations and candidates post-recruitment, including performance tracking, feedback mechanisms, and onboarding assistance, to ensure a smooth transition and long-term success.